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Saturday, May 8, 2010

David Swallow on Horse Confiscation on PineRidge

The Sacred Horses from the Pine Ridge Reservation
that have been confiscated by the Tribal government will be sold at the slaughter house on Mothers Day
Following is the slaughter house info:

Statement by David Swallow, Jr., (Wowitan Yuha Mani)
Teton Lakota Spiritual Leader, Sun dance Chief of the

Medicine Wheel Sun dance, and a Headman of the

Lakota Nation Band of Wana Way Gu (Broken Bow)

Statement Date; May 3rd 2010
Transcribed To and edited by Keith Rabin and Allison


Hau, Mitakuyepi na Mita Kola. [ Hello. Greetings my

relatives and my friends. ]

My name is Dave Swallow Jr. My Lakota name is Wowitan

Uha Mani, Walks With Pride. I'm a Lakota. I live on the

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation [South Dakota]. I was born

and raised there. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is The

United States Prisoner of War Camp Number 344. That's

where I was born and raised.

We are the People of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota

People. We have adopted the Sacred Horse, [ Sunka

Wakan ] into our nation and into our families. It is part of

who we are. It is hard in our ways to remember our lives

with out our Horses. They are part of our family. We give

them names and honor them. They take part in our

ceremonies. They are part of our lives, not only for

transportation but also the Sunka Wakan help heal our

minds, bodies and spirits.

Sunka is the Lakota word for "dog". Before the horse,

Sunka helped us with our transportation. They also are

our family members. When Sunka Wakan, the "Sacred

Horse" came, it became a blessing a gift from our

Creator to be forever in our lives.

Today, our grandchildren and children still need the

Sunka Wakan for our healings of body, mind and spirit.

Some of the grandparents and parents save their money

for months just to buy a colt, a Sunka Wakan for their

children and grandchildren. This keeps our children and

grandchildren away from alcohol, drugs and gang

activities. This why we need our Sunka Wanka is part of

our families.

But today, in 2010, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council at the

Pine Ridge Agency created their own laws against the

People of the Reservations and one of these new laws is

against our Sacred Horse [ Sunka Wakan ]. Two

Councilmen from the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge

have spear headed this law. The whole Tribal Council

supports it. Without asking the People on the Pine Ridge

Reservation to whom they are to represent, they created

new Park Ranger positions on the Reservation to

confiscate the People's horses, impound the Sacred

Horses of the People and then charge the owners an

outrageous amount of money to get their horses back.

It seems they have no intent to return the Horses to the


Every other foreign nation conquered by the United

States has received huge efforts towards rehabilitation

and rebuilding. Yet, while the U.S. cries about 20%

unemployment, we have 80% unemployment. We

remain isolated and have living conditions which are as

bad as or worse than any third world country. Our life

expectancy is only 48 years old for men and 52 years

old for women.

On March 2, 1889, the Senate and House of

Representatives of the United States of America

established the Reservations. They said we are to live

here on the Reservations, hunt and fish without any

permits and the Reservations were established as "Open

Range" without any fences. It seems to the " The

People" [ The Lakota Oyate ] that the Oglala Sioux Tribal

Council has forgotten these rules set by the Senate of

the United States of America and has taken upon itself

some goal of not only hurting the Horse itself but the

People and the families of the Lakota People .

This is a Reservation. We are NOT living in a park or a

National park. It is the land of the People. We already

have the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Police, the Oglala

Sioux Tribal (OST) Public Safety Law Enforcement, the

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S.

Marshals watching over us. I believe we Lakota Oyate

have enough jurisdiction watching over us . Now come

the Oglala Sioux Park Rangers, confiscating our Sacred

Horses and arresting us if we don't cooperate. The

Oglala Sioux Park Rangers are selling our horses to local

ranchers (who then sell them to slaughter houses for

slaughter) or the OST Rangers sell our horses directly to

slaughter houses. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AND

RETURN OUR Sacred Horses returned back to the


We are the People of the Sacred Horse. It is as much to

our lives as your cars and trucks are to yours.

We have a treaty council, a council of elders, all kinds of

councils but none of them are effective. The government

and state have kept us hungry and distracted with their

projects which accomplish very little. But they need to

know. If we are to survive, people need to understand.

When were talking about the Black Hills, its not just the

land that was lost but our way of life. Its not just money.

Money is the least important thing. We have lost our

way of life.

When we talk about the Sacred Horses, It is not about

only Horses it is about everything.

Ho hecetu yelo, I have spoken these words.
David Swallow, Wowitan Yuha Mani
Porcupine, South Dakota - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Forward to others on your email list(s)
Post on social networking sites
If you have National Media contacts please contact them
If you know prominent people please contact them.
Your help is urgently needed to get the word out. If you

like horses (or any animals) people all over Turtle Island

need to know what is happening and the tribal council

needs to know that the world is watching. To date 2800

horses have been confiscated and 1,000 sold off to


If you are able to help please contact me via email at:

Contact Governor Rounds
Office of the Governor
500 E. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Now that the horses are off the Reservation we can ask

the Governor to intervene.
to email you must go to this url and click contact.

*This was first seen by me on FaceBook. I called my neice who lives in Wanblee and owns many horses and she tells me this is not a widespread, wholesale rounding up of horses, but it is done in cases where it is evident that the horses are being abused or neglected. We'll wait and see what comes of this and if it does indeed continue.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wounded Knee 2010 Press Conference Part 1

This is part one in a five part series....please take the time to view all five and decide for yourselves.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tim Giaco on whats happening to America today

Monday, May 3, 2010
Filed Under: Opinion

The old saying that one should never discuss politics or religion may have made sense 50 years ago, but in the year 2010 politics and religion are in the forefront of every conversation.

The 24/7 news channels and blogs are filled with stories highlighting the religious differences of Muslims and Christians and the two political parties in Washington, D. C. have become so partisan that a Democrat or a Republican would be humiliated to even be seen having lunch together. Muslims are killing Americans and vice versa.

The venomous hatred of politicians and religious zealots has become so acrid that it will certainly lead to violence and even death. Stop for a minute and ask yourself this question: What will happen in America if some fanatic embraces the hysterical rants of far left or far right groups and assassinates President Barack Obama?

How many of us recall the riots that rocked America after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.? If President Obama is killed because of the fanaticism that seems to be embracing the radical movement, I dread the consequences.

In order to stop a political movement assassination is the tool of record. Where would America be today if assassination had not claimed John and Robert Kennedy, or of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.? We’ll never know the answer to that question and the big losers are Americans from all walks of life. Generations of Americans have been deprived of their leadership and their visions of a better America.

More than 3,000 Americans died on September 11, 2001 because of the religious fanaticism of Jihadists who fervently believe that America is on a mission to destroy Muslims. Each month a near disaster is uncovered or prevented involving the religious zealot’s intent on punishing America. And so far America has been lucky, but how long will that luck hold?

There are ears and minds picking up on all of the racist and political jargon of hatred clogging our news networks and blogs and one day a misguided individual will act in a bad way to fulfill his or her fantasies. The hatred wasn’t nearly as acrid as it is today when John Hinckley. Jr., nearly assassinated President Ronald Reagan. You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere in the land of the free and the home of the brave, a dark and sick mind is plotting to assassinate our president even now.

The assassination of political or tribal leaders goes back even beyond Julius Caesar. In America the assassination of American Indian leaders has a long history and sadly their deaths, in most cases, were brought upon them by their own people and happened because of jealousy or of fear that this leader would take the people in a direction other than the one envisioned by the assassin.

The fearful and legendary Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota, was assassinated by tribal police when he resisted arrest on trumped up charges. The great warrior and leader Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota, was assassinated after surrendering and bringing his followers to Fort Robinson in Nebraska Territory.

Sitting Bull was living peacefully on his own land when he was shot to death. His words still had the power to motivate his people and with the Ghost Dance, a religious movement raging across the Plains, there was great fear that Sitting Bull would choose the side of the Dancers.

Crazy Horse brought his followers to Fort Robinson because he had been promised he would be given a reservation for his people. The buffalo herds had been demolished and his people were starving and saving them was the reason he surrendered only to be bayoneted to death because he did not want to be pushed into a jail cell.

And so through the centuries, even in a new and growing America, religion and politics have played an important factor in creating laws and of bringing change. The perceived loss of religious freedom or the fear of political change can be powerful motivators for determined and fanatical zealots.

The assassinations of Benazir Bhutto, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Anwar El Sadat happened because of political and religious fervor gone mad. Every American should understand that this Nation is beginning to reek of political and religious fanaticism that can surely lead to an attempt upon the life of President Obama and it has got to stop.

I stand in fear of watching this great Nation ripped apart should such a heinous act take place. And I repeat, this madness needs to come to an end.

Wopila Tanka to Mr. Giaco for having written this.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christopher "Gern" Sturmfels....

Christopher 'Gern' Sturmfels, 42 MIDDLETOWN - Christopher "Gern" Sturmfels, ascended from this plane and moved onto his next path, Thursday, February 25, 2010. He was 42. Chris was truly a unique individual, with a flair for life paralleled by few. More than anything, Chris loved his soul mate and companion of 26 years, his high-school sweetheart and wife, Kingsley and absolutely worshipped their son, Beck. Chris had a knack for collecting the uncollectible, such as hot sauces, music CD's, model tractors, and most recently, jams and jellies. He was a strong-willed man, who stood by his convictions, whether popular or not. Chris's love and generosity of spirit touched everyone he met. And his love was equally reciprocated. Chris loved nature, camping, exploring and hiking, classic cars and especially the ocean and surfing. He had a strong interest and belief in Native American spirituality. Chris found joy through his career at Connections CSP, Inc., where he was dedicated to helping individuals and families participating in the recovery process from addictions. Chris attended St. Mark's High School (Class of 1985) and upon graduating entered the University of Delaware. He finished with a bachelor degree in Anthropology with a minor in Art History, which so perfectly reflects his personality. He was an avid fan of music, Howard Stern (and a Ba Ba Booey to you all), Kung Fu movies, Tex Avery cartoons, a Monty-Python fanatic, and a disc golf aficionado. Chris is also survived by his loving parents, Donald and Lorraine; brothers, Jonathan and wife, Stephanie and Timothy and wife, Brook Knight; sister, Kara Barat and husband, Andy; mother and father-in-law, Gary and Carol Simendinger; sister-in-law, Heather Rivera and husband, Isaac; nieces, Hayden Rivera, Veronica and Samantha Barat, and Madison and Leah Sturmfels; and nephew, Nathaniel Barat. Memorial services will be 3:33 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, at St. Andrews School, O'Brien Arts Center, 350 Noxontown Road, Townsend. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, contributions or donations can be made payable to The Beck Sturmfels Educational Trust, c/o PNC Bank, 460 West Main Street, Middletown, DE 19709. Arrangements by Daniels & Hutchison Funeral Home LLC, Middletown. On-line condolences may be sent to

This was a good man, husband, father and a relative and he will be missed.
Toksa Akhe, Kola....

I would ask that anyone who knew Gern to please make a contribution here by posting a comment.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Something has happened recently that has given me a renewed outlook on these pages. I will go further into that on March 7th. That will allow an appropriate length of time to adjust to some new if unwanted changes that have found their way to the people of Goose Creek. Until then, Toksa Akhe MitakuyeOyapi.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy Horse....John Trudell

Listen carefully to what John Trudell says here....its amazing.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Canunpa....Our Sacred Pipe

At this point I believe it is appropriate to talk about our most Holy Instrument. Our Sacred Pipe....or Canunpa(cha-nun-pa) To be very blunt, to us the Pipe is as Jesus Christ to a christian. It is the most Holy of Holies. It is our direct connection to Wakan Tanka....The Great Mystery....The Creator of all things. It is truly wakan.
The Pipe is at the center of all things ceremonial as was taught to the people by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, many, many winters before the horse came to the Lakotah. It is the center of our spiritual lives. Every ceremony or gathering is centered around the Pipe and the teachings that accompany it.
It is not everyone that carries a canunpa. It is an obligation to which you are called,and not an easy one to carry out. As a Pipe Carrier, a higher level of conduct is expected of such a one. A Pipe Carrier must be a strong heart, and a man/woman of the people. Acting for the best interest of the people or community. A person of respect who can be counted on to do whatever is required in furthering the peoples well being.
We must be very careful in the handling of our canunpa,as well as its storage. We must never take up our Pipe with a bad heart. Being angry, jealous or with malicious thoughts. We must be clean in body, heart and mind . The Canunpa is also not for show or display, so as to say "look at me, Im a Pipe Carrier. The Pipe gives to us, yes, but we also must give to it. We give the Pipe honor and respect....using it in a good and holy manner and it gives us the comfort of knowing it is there for us in times of need. It will protect us as it protects itself from misuse. Have pity on the one who misuses the Pipe for it will turn on you and all those nearest to you as sure as the sun will rise in the morning. I know of such a one who has chosen to corrupt the use of the pipe for his own benefit,to make him look like a bigshot, the center of attention....and friends....his life is miserable. Oh, not for him, but the people around him all suffer illnesses of one sort or another....always sick and ailing. Thats how it works. You misuse the Sacred Canunpa and you get to see all the ones dearest to you suffer....and if in the end, you still dont get it....well, then its your turn. The Pipe will not be abused. It will protect itself....always.
When we pray, we pray with the Pipe in our hands....loaded. We load the pipe in a prayerful, solemn way by honoring the six directions. By doing this....everything in creation is included in the pipe. We then offer our prayers or have our ceremony and afterward or at some predetermined point during the ceremony, we light and smoke the pipe. By doing this....we release the prayers that are now in the pipe and we also make our breath....our prayers visible to Wakan Tanka,our mother the Earth and the four cardinal directions and the spirits who dwell there. The smoking actually sends up the prayers and needs to be heard and fulfilled. If we are acting alone we smoke the pipe till it is empty or in a group we will send it around the circle. It is right to allow all in attendance to have a chance to pray with the pipe. This is the way of it....the way I was taught.

Moon Phases....



About Us....

Georgetown, Delaware, United States
This is a place where good , likeminded people gather so as to carry on in the traditions of our ancestors. To keep the old ways and customs alive....both social and spiritual. We gather regularly for ceremony, feasting and learning. I hope someday you'll join us. Mitakuye Oyasin.